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As to John Mark, he is described as a youth who is the son of Mary as well as the son of Simon Peter, the disobedient, stumbling stone as he calls himself.


In our volume one we already revealed that Judas was the son of Simon Iscariot patronymic meaning a warden of the prisoner or another reference to Simon Peter the Zealot. This means Simon the Zealot has two sons, Judas and Mark. This being the case with John being Mark, it solves the series of riddles, since it makes the brother of John, James, the Fisher of the Sea of Galilee helping Simon the head fish-butcher.

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As we have already traced, Simon Peter is the fish-butcher of Galilee, who has two partners who turn out to be none other than James and John masqueraded, the two sons elsewhere know as Judas and Mark. Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore 5. Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore 6.

Descrizione: Createspace, United States, I by Dr. Johnny Lovewisdom Go to for more information on this book and amendments to the appendix concerning the essene diet.

Now for the first time in the west, we have a facsimile reproduction of the Principal Mysteries just as they were thought out and recorded in the original wording. Yet now, finally cleansed of the numerous errors, subtractions, additions and interpolations which the critics lament but were never able to cause to be read in English direct from the most ancient manuscripts.

The author researched half a century to compile the background for illustrating his appraisal of the Divine Mysteries to be unveiled in the Gospels which required no less than a deep study of the undermeaning of the Nazarene Saviors own Palestinian Syriac dialect of the Aramaic tongue. Youll learn: The real direct words of Jesus as translated by a respected theologian from the original Aramaic language handed down through out the centuries without censorship or changes made by church authorities or complacent scribes.

Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore 7. How the Alchemy of Living Plants, transmuting elements of earth, manifests the Divine Materialization, which with God Consciousness can make our life a true Paradise. The Paradise School of the Eternal Youth Life has since its inception laid emphasis on the physical manifestation or materialization when speaking of realizing the Will of God, the Divine Design to be done on earth as in Heaven, including the Immortality of Life and Youth, and other new powers at present unknown to man.

However, materialism, putting emphasis on material things and physical aspects of Life, among pious and religious people and principles is considered taboo, the very contrary of Spiritual Living.

That the Divine practices Materialization never occurred to them, or in other words, Creation, or Nature is Divine in origin. Human mind has sought to prove Nature as chaotic and foolish, and substitute selfish escape patterns and devices which never the less end in suffering. This habitual pattern has made man s perfection and spiritual goals an artificial existence, with an after-life and beyond earth existence built out of the substance of dreams.

The embodied Spirit or Creative Godhead is seeking realization on all the planes, and each soul, as the Spark of the cosmic Flame, realizes fulfillment, the plenitude of Joy in Living thru Cosmic consciousness coordinated on all planes. If God was seeking to get out of Matter or the physical plane, He would not have entered it, or made it manifest out of His Omniscient Intelligence as the Creator.

God is God in all. Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore 8. Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore 9. Thus Webster defines Hygiene Hygienos Greek: healthful as the Science of the preservation of health; sanitary science; a system of the principles or rules designed for the promotion of health. In contrast, Medicine is defined as Any preparation used in treating disease; the science and art dealing with prevention, cure or alleviation of disease.

In other words Hygiene deals with health and healing, while Medicine treats only disease, in opposite and opposing perspectives. However, within the years after the coining of the word Hygiene, by Hygienists, the Medical or Allopathic Doctors had surreptitiously appropriated hygiene for their own use ignoring the exact original meaning, so that vegetarian diet, fresh air, water, sunshine and many other factors needed for health were taught as dangerous causes of people s ailments.

Informazioni sul venditore Contattare il venditore Seven Eternities ago the Sweat-Born came forth from the First Heaven to inhabit the earth with huge vaporous bodies in the earliest Hyperborean Race nourishing from the air, which in time descended into the frugivorous, required a living water nourishment from juicy fruits.

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Anthropology and Ethnology, Iridology gives color index to pathology in the eyes and its relation to skin and hair; how skin color is developed by ethnic traits in diet; negroes become white on raw food; clabber as living substance responsible for white race; intestinal purity and alkalinity gives clean skin color; Pamirs described as original Eden; Chinese corroboration about Eden; Sumeria, fish-born Semiramis, and Atlantis.

Historic Greek descriptions of Atlantis, Early Egyptians abstain from grains and flesh, Moses copies Pork and unclean meat doctrine from Egypt, Excess fat, avocados, etc. What Scriptures confirm as to the black man Krishna who creates rivers of blood slaughtering enemies by the hundred thousands, made over 4 women pregnant every night of his life, having 16, wives, including female gorilla, and other jungle legends unwittingly espoused by Yoga much like O. Seed-eating gave rise to sexualism, and perversions giving bestial forms to human fetus development.

After the fall of Jerusalem, the great heroes among Essenes became the monastic ideal of Carmelite tradition, but in a Roman Church supporting Roman dogmatism and Imperialism. The Essene Spirit, — rooted in their Buddhist missionary origins from India, — with beliefs in a rigid Vegetarianism, Reincarnation, etc. The Gnostic Apostles of John were responsible for writing the N. Bible, as we reveal, and thus, a wholly new concept of Primitive Christianity, as it really was, unveils, also vindicated by Gnostic Scrolls. Carmel as their symbol, and at Antioch, the Greek letter X or Christ , was adopted in naming the Christened, Anointed, with Crucifixion-allegory of John s preaching, baptizing, life, and resurrection.

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Only Mother Nature and her Angels heal. Secrets told in this new Complete Scripture. Edited and Translated by DR. He suffered from paralysis, poor eyesight and neurological problems, as a result of working as a farm laborer in the pesticide contaminated orchards of California. In , he made plans to emigrate to South America to avoid being conscripted as a soldier in World War 2.

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After a business partnership with George R. Clements selling crop land, Walter Siegmeister went to Ecuador in to meet Lovewisdom, where they spoke of plans for a paradisian utopia and a super-race in the Ecuadorean jungle. Lovewisdom later stated that he had no intention of creating a super-race, only a Propitiatory Shelter For The Apocalyptic Camp of the Saints [ 4 ] [ 6 ]. In the s, Lovewisdom lived as a hermit in the mountain crater lake, Quilotoa , in Ecuador [ 7 ] [ 8 ] , which he felt would shield residents from nuclear fallout.

Lovewisdom believed that the thin air at high altitudes would allow him to develop clairvoyance and "drink alcohol like water without getting drunk.

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An article about Vilcabamba - an 'island of immunity' from cardiovascular disease, in Reader's Digest ignited Dr. Lovewisdom's interest, besides its abundant fruit varieties, so he moved there from Otavalo in the north of Ecuador. Alexander Leaf of Harvard University , both gerontologists, visited Lovewisdom due to his many articles on the longevity of the Vilcabamban people.

Lovewisdom became a consultant for them, on the centenarians. Lovewisdom believed himself to be the reincarnation of Ananda the primary disciple of Buddha , Milarepa and John the Baptist [ 10 ]. As the official successor to Kuthumi Lal Singh, [ 11 ] Tashi Lama and Maha Chohan, he founded the International University of Natural Living at Vilcabamba, Ecuador in with its credo " build paradise and eat the fruits thereof " and correspondence school which issued the degree 'Doctor of Vitalogical Science' or D. D in 'Vitalogical Science and Agronomy'. He founded the "Pristine Order of Paradisian Perfection", a religious order, which was registered with the Ecuadorean government, and later founded the International University of the Vitalogical Sciences.

Historic Greek descriptions of Atlantis, Early Egyptians abstain from grains and flesh, Moses copies Pork and unclean meat doctrine from Egypt, Excess fat, avocados, etc. What Scriptures confirm as to the black man Krishna who creates rivers of blood slaughtering enemies by the hundred thousands, made over 4 women pregnant every night of his life, having 16, wives, including female gorilla, and other jungle legends unwittingly espoused by Yoga much like O. Bible's gory prophets. Buddha's Doctrine of Compassion for all beings, abstinence from killing and chaste ideals, forsaking worldly desires, Teachings.