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When the battery starts to lose it's maximum capacity, it still has long life ahead. When the lithium-ion batteries reach the end of their life, they require expert handling that meets safety requirements and specialist competence in dealing with hazardous waste. When the battery has done it's share, it's time for dismantling and setting the materials for recycling.

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Fortum Battery Solutions We have revolutionised the lithium-ion battery value chain for electric vehicle and industrial use batteries. Have you heard of our unique Battery Recycling Solution? Read more. Fortum Battery Solutions F25 A solution for every stage of the life cycle As an energy and circular economy company, we offer advanced expertise at every stage. AU9 Sustainable, low-CO2 solutions Our low-CO2 recycling process turns cobalt, manganese and nickel back into raw materials for new batteries. Why do we care about batteries? Remember that is forbidden the transport of lithium metal batteries as cargo.

B for deliveries of new equipment , with battery installed in a comprehensive manner, making it impossible to remove the battery eg a tablet or an i phone or battery packed with equipment; in both cases it must be accepted that the packaging of which has never been opened or that the terms of the original sale are kept. Always verify that the equipment is completely off; Then check that the packaging fulfills the general packaging conditions for shipment.

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C for deliveries of equipment in use with battery installed integrally eg Tablet, iPhone, etc , making it impossible to remove the battery, you should check that the power is off, in order to avoid incidental operation. On computers with removable battery, you must remove the same, protect against short circuits, being transported with the device.

Check the packaging complies with the general packaging for shipment. Judith is married and has two young sons.

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