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However, correcting the record may not always be practical or realistic.

Hbomb Plays Chess With Shaun

There is no shortage in our industry of exceptionally talented and creative individuals who, nonetheless, should be heavily medicated. Many of these souls find themselves unfettered and autonomously in charge of distinguished arts organizations and businesses. Getting such a person to admit he or she is wrong about anything will only be met with defensiveness, paranoia, reminders of how you should be more appreciative of their past largess with regard to your past transgressions most of which you will have never been told about before , and accusations that you are being argumentative, not a team player, exasperating, and disrespectful.

The best, and only, way to begin any conversation with someone being unreasonable or emotional, and who also happens to be in charge, is to validate, never confront. Like a bad review of a concert or performance, thank the critic and then move on. For additional information and resources on this and other legal, project management, and business issues for the performing arts, visit ggartslaw. To ask your own question, write to lawanddisorder musicalamerica.

"Arguing with liberals is like playing chess with a pigeon..."

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When you eat meat you are taking in heme iron which has been shin to be very oxidizing and has been blamed for diabetes and heart disease. You are also taking in nitrates and converting them to N Nitroso compounds, strongly implicated in colon cancer.

Not to mention the fact that meat raises a hormone, IGF1, which is also implicated in cancer formation. Animal proteins are rich in methionine, which literally feeds cancer cells, and also rich in leucine which activates mTOR and has thereby been associated with aging. Meat also is loaded with Advanced Glycation End products and with hormones, both of which have been implicated in disease.

So yes, I would rather vegans eat a potato and some beans than a Gardein chicken wing, but I would much rather them eat the Gardein wing than a regular chicken wing. She then closes out saying that people should be eating foods that are lean like chicken and fish. Well, chicken and fish have fat.

Playing Chess with a Pigeon - Drawception

A 6oz chicken breast has 6 gm of fat and the wings can get up to 14 gm. Worse yet, in the EPIC study, all meat consumption was associated with weight gain over time and chicken was the worst offender. Chicken is also very associated with lymphoma and has high amounts of hormones including estrogen.

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Fish is loaded with PBC and dioxins and heavy metals due to our polluted waters, and if you are eating farmed fish then you are unlikely not getting the Omega 3 that usually makes fish healthy. In closing this rant let me say simply, if vegans are so bad off, then why do they seem to live longer? I mean just look at the Blue Zones of the world. Places where people are living longer and healthier. Are they eating high animal protein diet?

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  • Absolutely not. Look at the Mediterranean diet.

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    It is not made up of chicken and meat. They do eat fish but it is not in large amounts. Their diet is very high in complex carbs and fruits and veggies. The Okinawans thrive on yams, rice, soy. The people of the Nicoyan Peninsula are eating beans and rice.