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The Path Part 1 - Treading Through Darkness

Retrieved April 15, New York Times. Retrieved January 15, Dayton Daily News. This is quite an annoyance, if you can imagine. What could be causing this? Would a blanket help?

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The heater is in a closet outside, attached to my deck, with the back wall of the closet attached to my living room. There are no windows. Only the door to the closet, and vents into the living room.

Sherrie — it might be a downdraft. Do you have a UL listed cap installed on the vent? If not, start with that.

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BTW they red tag my tank. Called two local companies to evaluate my issue and both ageed with the backdraft but could easily be rectified. Very good information. I am having this problem with my water heater.

The Name of the Wind Kingkiller Chronicle #1 by Patrick Rothfuss Part 1

The right set of conditions when using my dryer will make the water heater vent back draft. If I crack open a window in the area where the dryer is it stops immediately. I just had the installer of the water heater out to check on this condition a few weeks ago and he had no clues to help me figure this out.

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He had never heard of back drafting. I am waiting for your part 2 of this to help me with a long term plan instead of cracking the window. Thanks again. Cigarette lighter at hood, lit match at the hood… sure. Welcome to Structure Tech. About the Author Biography facebook twitter.

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